Service Manual



Color Schemes

Here are the color schemes for the XK140. Do mind that the color is a approach and you should ask you're car painter for advice.
I couldn't find any RAL codes of any kind.

Sales Brochure

Sales Brochure for the XK

Difference between XK120/140/150

Identify VIN number

How to identify a VIN number for a Jaguar XK.

First of all, every car now a days has a 17 digit identification number.
A Jaguar has a lot smaller VIN number, for example:

A 1955 Jaguar XK 140 VIN#: A810641

A run through a database gave me the following information: LHD Series XK140 OTS
According to the information below you can lookup what kind of car it is.

The A makes is a standard model 190 horse power, 81 makes it een OTS (Open Two Seater) and Left hand drive, 641 is the number of the car and it has no overdrive.

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